“We urgently need to bring to our communities the limitless capacity to love, serve, and create for and with each other.”

Grace Lee Boggs

Placework’s mission is to create transformative design for the benefit of people and planet. We design to elevate the human experience by creating places that feel good and foster connection. Our approach is regenerative and promotes community and ecological well-being.

Designing with people, not just for them

For over a decade, the Placework team has been researching, planning and designing spaces that people love. How do we create places that support thriving human activity while integrating with site and preserving ecological resources? This question has a different answer for each client and project – we relish the partnerships we develop as much as the built work.

We are storytellers

Seeing what is possible and executing with a thoughtful economy of time and resources—this is the value we bring to each project. We tell each unique story not only in words but through our sketches, renderings, graphs and construction details. This is how we create more equitable, resilient, and beautiful places.

Engaged in our Communities

Beyond the technical, we learn from our personal engagement in our own communities. Placework supports annual volunteer time and our team members teach, write, advocate, and serve on various municipal communities and non-profit boards.  We see our personal engagement as an important asset in how we connect with our clients and their concerns.

Our Team

Alyssa Manypenny Murphy, AIA, LEED AP


Brian Murphy, AIA


Elizabeth Nguyen

Project Manager

Josh Lacasse, AIA, LEED AP


Sara Mountford

Architectural Designer

Ken Ferrer

Architectural Designer

Kim Genestreti-Walsh

Studio Manager

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