Architecture is for everybody.

Architecture is an opportunity and a responsibility to celebrate the diversity and commonalities in the human experience. Architecture touches all aspects of our lives – health, comfort, utility and delight – and also has a profound effect on the planet we inhabit. We aim to create resilient designs that support future adaptation, are accessible to all people, and enliven our communities. We apply pragmatic steps – listening, questioning, and designing – to achieve these broad goals. At this crucial point in history, careful design of our buildings and places is an essential part of a more just and healthy world.

Placework is a verb.

Our favorite places are tangible, pliable, dynamic; they are created and re-created over and over again. Great design emerges from a clear understanding of places and their systems. It also follows that our least favorite places happen when design doesn’t consider all voices, or the potential for community and environmental repair and generation. Placework is not how everyone approaches development or design. We operate with awareness of the inherent human kinship to our surrounding environment – placework is what we know and what we do, individually and collectively.

We work collaboratively.

Integrated design, a commitment to communication, and an iterative process are the foundation of successful projects. We engage by questioning and listening first, sharing our knowledge and inspirations, and then collaboratively moving toward an elegant solution. A range of strong partnerships with engineers, landscape architects, builders, and project-specific consultants allow us to assemble teams uniquely suited to each project and leverage cross-disciplinary expertise.


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